about mary


Writers often say they always knew they wanted to be a writer when they grew up.  Ha.  I wanted to play for the Harlem Globetrotters.  Or skate with the Ice Follies.  Or be a U.S. Senator.


Women often say they had this secret desire to be a princess when they were a little girl.  Ha.  I wanted to be king.


Instead, I became a lawyer.  And the truth is ... I loved it for a long time.  Mergers and acquisitions, tax-free deals, securities, and a lot of other things that would make a normal person’s head spin made me happy.  But then I discovered writing – and that made me happier!


I live on a lake in Minneapolis with my husband, two cute kidlets, and a stuffed monkey named Philip. When not writing, I love traveling and listening to live music and playing sports with reckless abandon, and my injuries on the basketball court are the stuff of Facebook legend. (In my own mind, at least!)

If I have any vices - and I totally deny it- they might include (in no particular order) rock bands, dancing, triple-berry scones, Chipotle burritos, Cosmopolitans, my adorable little convertible, burgers from Five Guys, and Hugh Jackman. I'd rather not say exactly how many chocolate-banana crêpes I ate on my last trip to Paris. Oh, and I'm learning to play guitar. Because I wanna be a rock star when I grow up. Unless I wind up being king.

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