I write Young Adult (YA), romantic comedy, and women's fiction.  Here are my published books so far.  I have many more in the works!


Romantic Comedy and Other Romance Novels:

(Bell Bridge Books, 2014)



Burned-out lawyer Cooper Meredith decides success isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Trading his ties for T-shirts, he chucks it all and becomes nanny to a wild pair of four-year-olds ... and the four-year-olds win every time.  The kids' mom, Molly Perrell, a hard-charging and stressed-to-the-max retail exec, just wants someone she can count on.  It doesn't appear to be Cooper, who turns out to be the world's worst nanny.  Their clashes, and their undeniable attraction, turn Cooper's summer folly into the chance of a lifetime.

Young Adult Novels:

The Bennet Sisters


Book 1:  PRIDE, PREJUDICE, AND PUSH-UP BRAS (Triple Berry Press, 2016)


College freshman Liz Bennet refuses to let her name
or Jane Austen, for that matterdefine her. Even though she’s one of five teenage sisters named after the Bennet sisters in “The Book,” as Liz not-so-fondly calls it, she can’t afford to let her life parallel The Book in any way. Period. Liz has big plans for her future, and they don't exactly mesh with the life laid out for a fictional young woman 200 years ago.

When two gorgeous guys, Charlie Bingham and Alex Darcy, arrive in Liz's Minnesota town, her whole world is turned upside down.  Her sister Jane starts acting like a lunatic with Charlie.  Alex is tempting but also a jerk.  Seeing too many uncanny connections to The Book, Liz is afraid she can't win.  Is this fate's little joke on her modern Bennet family?  What's a girl to do?  Fight?  Or ... surrender?

Book 2:  BEING MARY BENNET BLOWS (Triple Berry Press, 2016)



Seventeen-year-old Mary Bennet wishes Jane Austen had never written "The Book." Everyone knows the hideous fate Jane Austen dumped on Mary Bennet
in Pride and Prejudice — dull, ugly, obnoxiously brainy, and piano-playing — and it seems to be dictating Mary’s life.  She’s sick of being that Mary Bennet. She's ready to raise a little hell.

But will anyone let her?  She can’t change how she looks without every kid in school laughing.  Her mom refuses to let her ditch piano for electric guitar.  And when a brainy guy with a skateboard rides into her life, can she trust him not to make her the biggest joke in school?  With a little help from her sisters, she’s about to find out.

Book 3:  CAT BENNET, QUEEN OF NOTHING (Triple Berry Press, 2017)




With her twin sister in reform school and no longer in the spotlight, it should be Cat Bennet's turn to shine.  But when her twin isn’t around, there is no spotlight.  Worse,  the guy Cat has always liked finds someone new, all of her friends dump her, and Cat’s English teacher thinks Pride and Prejudice is all about Cat’s family.  Suddenly, the whole school is either laughing at Cat or ignoring her.

But Cat isn't the "Kitty" of The Book.  Kitty was lame.  Cat isn't lame; she's just invisible!  So how does she become visible?  Following in the footsteps of any of her sisters is out of the question.  Cat wants her own path, but she's always followed her twin's lead.  Right now, she's not sure who she is.  The spotlight is out there, right?  Maybe it's time to take a deep breath and leap for it.



Book 4:  LIVIN’ LA VIDA BENNET (Triple Berry Press, 2017)


Lydia Bennet is back in town.

After a year at reform school, Lydia returns home, unapologetic and ready to reclaim her title as leader of the pack.  But where’s the party?  And why isn’t she invited?

Woodbury, Minnesota, doesn’t feel much different from reform school – or jail.  Her dad is acting like a warden, and even her mom won’t give Lydia time off for (almost) good behavior.  Her twin sister thinks Lydia’s the enemy, the other girls in her old posse treat her like roadkill, and most of the guys want her for one thing.  The only guy who does want something different doesn’t seem to want Lydia.


She changed in reform school, but no one else sees it or believes it.  Is it too late to fix her bad-girl rep?  Or should she just give up and be the wild girl everyone thinks she is?  She’s come home, but it’s time to decide whether she has what it takes to stay. 































































































































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