I write Young Adult (YA), romantic comedy, and women's fiction.  Here are my published books so far.  I have many more in the works!


Romantic Comedy and Other Romance Novels:

(Bell Bridge Books, 2014)


Burned-out lawyer Cooper Meredith decides success isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Trading his ties for T-shirts, he chucks it all and becomes nanny to a wild pair of four-year-olds ... and the four-year-olds win every time.  The kids' mom, Molly Perrell, a hard-charging and stressed-to-the-max retail exec, just wants someone she can count on.  It doesn't appear to be Cooper, who turns out to be the world's worst nanny.  Their clashes, and their undeniable attraction, turn Cooper's summer folly into the chance of a lifetime.

Young Adult Novels:

The Bennet Sisters


Book 1:  PRIDE, PREJUDICE, AND PUSH-UP BRAS (Triple Berry Press, 2016)

18-year-old Liz Bennet finds herself swirling in a wacky nightmare that only Jane Austen—or Liz’s mom—could’ve dreamed up.  As one of five sisters named after the Bennet sisters in The Book, as Liz not-so-fondly calls it, Liz is horrified when a couple of guys named Charlie Bingham and Alex Darcy arrive in her Minnesota town, and suddenly everything else in Liz’s life starts following The Book.  Or does it?  Liz has big plans for her life, and they don’t exactly mesh with the crazy people Jane Austen keeps throwing at her.  What’s a girl to do? Keep fighting!


Book 2:  BEING MARY BENNET BLOWS (Coming in 2016)


Book 3:  CAT BENNET, QUEEN OF NOTHING (Coming in 2017)


Book 4:  LIVIN’ LA VIDA BENNET (Coming in 2017)


































































































































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